Brides by Kate


Personal musings and makeup-related chat about all the Weddings I've contributed to.

Liz & Brad, Sydney

It’s always wise for the bride to get as much beauty sleep before her big day as possible – unless you’re Elizabeth Trembath!

Liz and her girls were all up, rearing to go at a spritely 3:30am! Usually, if it’s an early wedding, only the people who need to be awake are up, shuffling around making coffee in the dark. Not this group of girls! All of them were up and prancing around well and truly before the sparrows because one of their tribe was getting married and the excitement was palpable. The commitment to Liz was just the icing on the cake as far as the beautiful bond between these girls went.


I could feel the love they had for each other the moment I arrived. They welcomed me, offered me breakfast, had a lovely corner of the room with lots of natural light prepared for me to make all my preparations and kept me laughing the whole time. Liz’s mum was there, making sure everyone was ok and honestly, she could have been mum to all of those girls. She loved them and you could see they adored her too. You could tell just from the way they embraced her throughout the whole process, that she had been there with them from young girls, to these beautiful, grown women.

Liz isn’t one for a lot of make up on a day-to- day basis so she didn’t want to feel or look like she had a lot on her face on her wedding day. (Smart move – no one wants to look back in years to come and wonder who that girl is that looks so different to how she normally looks!).

The flowers and foliage Liz had in her bouquet were a gentle sage green which was mirrored in the colour of the dresses her bridesmaids wore. Coupled with Liz’s sparkly green eyes, we agreed that a gentle smoky grey would be the best option to carry her through the day and into the night.

Kate Aveling